Our Story

We wanted to improve the complete dental healthcare of the UK population by removing the need to think about replacing your toothbrush at the appropriate times whilst using the most advance effective tooth cleaning method available.

Just under half the population use electric toothbrushes which have been proven to give the most effective oral cleaning solution. Of those that use electric brushes most do not replace the heads at the correct time intervals months thereby not maximising their effectiveness.

The percentage usage in the 18-30 age group is as low as 10% due to the cost barriers of entry and inconvenience of needing to purchase the replacement brush heads.

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We Are One Smart Health

Begin Your Smart Oral Hygiene Journey With Us

Here at  One Smart Health,  we make sustainable, at home dental care accessible to a younger, cost conscious audience. Especially those living away from home for the first time.

The Smart subscription package allows you to own one of the most modern electric toothbrushes available in the market today.


Automatic, regular deliveries of replacement brush heads will then make sure you are always maximising the cleaning abilities of the toothbrush.

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